Finds Finds Roman Brooch A Roman copper-alloy enamelled disc brooch found in Dorset county. AD100-200 170704760 Saxon penny A Early Medieval Saxon penny of Wulfred, Archbishop of Canterbury (AD 805-832) AD810 170704761 Finger ring An 18th century gold finger ring, now distorted. The rounded external face is plain and there is no bezel. Internally are the words 'Contents a treasure'. (AD 1712-1800). 178110249 Roman Brooch A Roman copper-alloy Aesica variant brooch, dating from the 1st century AD. 178110250 Iron Age Gold Stater A Late Iron Age gold stater of Early Uninscribed 'Q' Gold, 'Remi' type. British Museum nos. 445-458/Van Arsdell nos. 210, 212, 214. Minted c. 60 BC- c. 50 BC. 178110325 Gold hammered James I laurel Gold hammered James I laurel 3rd coinage, 4th bust, London mint, AD 1623-1624 183075126 Saxon strap end A complete cast copper alloy strap end of early-medieval date. The strap end is of Thomas' Class A, Type 1 with zoomorphic terminal and Trewhiddle decoration AD 750-950 183075128 Charles II silver crown Charles II silver crown AD 1676 (Edge engraved with DECUS ET TUTAMEN ANNO REGNI VICESIMO OCTAVO ** ). Rare - valued at 4000. 183075127 Iron Age brooch A copper-alloy Nauheim-derivative brooch of Late Iron Age to Early Roman date. AD 50-100. 183075609 Celtic gold quarter stater Regini Sills Insular cf Gold quarter stater. Boat with 2 occupant, rosette behind / Tree like object with possible stream beside. 65-45 BC. 183075617 Roman umbonate brooch A complete cast copper alloy umbonate brooch dating to the 1st century. AD 43-100. 183075610 Medieval silver hammered coin Hammered silver Edward III Groat, fourth coinage. AD 1351-1361 (pre treaty period). 183075618 Medieval seal matrix Fob seal matrix engraved with ?WATEMENOMAD? seal with mottos; there is one with a sleeping lion and the motto reads WAKE ME NO MAN, an implied threat. AD 1300-1400. 183075611 Post-Medieval gold guinea Gold guinea George III. AD 1779. 183075619 Roman vessel handle Roman bronze vessel handle ornamented with a intricate fish design BC 43-AD 400. (Stylised in a Greek design could suggest vessel handle may be older than Roman). 183075612 Roman Silver Siliqua Roman Silver Siliqua Julian II. AD 360-363. 183075620 Roman umbonate disc brooch Roman umbonate disc brooch complete with inset intaglio. AD 100-200. 183075614 Post-Medieval fob seal matrix Fob seal matrix complete with blue stone intaglio. AD 1700-1800. 183075616 Roman silver denarius Silver denarius - Severus Alexander AD 222-235 Obv: IMP C M AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG - Laureate bust right, draped. Rev: IOVI VLTORI - Jupiter seated left, holding Victory and scepter. Rome mint: AD 225. 183075621 Celtic gold stater Ambiani (Galo Belgic) Early uninscribed Gold Stater. 50 BC. 183075622 Post-Medieval key Post Medieval key with intricate design. AD 1650-1700. 183075615 Roman Republican Silver Denarius Roman Republican Silver Denarius. Diana, Goddess of the Hunt. 79 BC. 183075623 Celtic silver unit Verica cavalry Celtic silver unit COMMI F, horseman with shield. VERI CA, mounted warrior with spear. AD 10-40. 183075624